Group Activities

Are you visiting us with a group and looking for some truly fun and unique activities outside of work? Choose from our wide range of group activities, which you can enjoy as standalone experiences or in combination with a conference or corporate trip. For inspiration, consider what a five-day program during the fall could look like.

The health aspect of your visit is always a priority for those who seek it. We offer many activities related to wellness and have knowledgeable staff across a broad spectrum. Do not hesitate to contact us with your preferences; we are eager to hear from you so we can arrange the perfect setup based on your needs –

Food & Talks

During this group activity, you will arrive at the “Andrummet” in the morning where a healthy breakfast by No Junk awaits you. Enjoy your meal in peace as the day’s lecture begins. I


At our Aurora Spa, we offer a unique opportunity for larger groups, or tailored to your conference size, to reserve or book a relaxing and rejuvenating time in our calm and restful premises.


At Camp Ripan, we warmly welcome Ulla Lindh, an experienced yin yoga instructor with a passion for holistic health.

Healt lecture

When booking a conference with us, we offer a variety of health lectures led by Jana Stridfeldt Bjuhr, our wellness, environmental, and quality coordinator, who is also a certified health advisor, functional medicine health coach, and mindfulness instructor.


Strengthen team spirit in our Sami tent, or “lávvu,” where our team-building activities offer a close and personal opportunity to get to know each other better.


A visit to the Icehotel is more than just a trip; it is a unique experience that evokes fascination and inspiration. Here, you and your group can explore artworks made of ice and snow, created by artists from all over the world, witnessing the transformation of ice from the Torne River into impressive sculptures and rooms.

Kiruna City Tour

Discover Kiruna in depth with our city tour—an ideal activity for groups during conferences or team-building events with us.

Info Mine

A tour that enriches your stay in Kiruna with an experience that celebrates the city’s industrial heritage, exposes Kiruna’s lifeline, and highlights its ongoing importance to the community.

Healthy Snacks

At Camp Ripan, we offer a Health Break (Hälsofika) option designed to keep energy and creativity flowing during your conference or meeting days.

Ripan Kitchen

For groups visiting us, we offer group pricing on three-course menus. For business lunches, you can choose between one or two courses, all tailored to suit the needs and preferences of your party.


Our padel hall is equipped with three double padel courts, allowing multiple matches to take place at the same time, perfect for larger groups seeking an exciting and active experience.

Cooking Evening

Dive into the secrets of the Norrland cuisine during a cooking evening as you socialize and form new connections in a unique environment. Our belief is that food should not only be enjoyed with the taste buds but should be a comprehensive experience that engages all senses – and comes from thoughtful and fair conditions. …

Wine tasting

Our wine tastings are designed to cater to all tastes and interests, from the curious beginner to the experienced enthusiast, with your preferences setting the boundaries!

Golf simulator

At Camp Ripan, we welcome you to our golf simulator, where you can enjoy the game regardless of the weather.


Treat your group to a moment of recovery and harmony with a tranquil Curam session at our spa, led by our own wellness and sustainability coordinator Jana Stridfeldt Bjuhr, who is specially trained in the Curam method. This unique activity is perfect for groups looking for a shared experience of new knowledge, deep relaxation, and …