The operations around a facility like Camp Ripan are complex and being environmentally aware is always a part of our daily routine. Our goal is to continuously work to minimize our environmental impact. Environmental consideration is reflected in our choice of suppliers and produce in the restaurant as well as when we furnish the facility and choose which cleansers to use. As our guest, you can contribute by, for example, using the same towel and bed linens during your entire stay. This will benefit both the environment and our sensitive mountain nature. Please contact us if you would like to know more about Camp Ripan’s environmental work.



ECO kitchen

One of Sweden's most environmentally friendly kitchen. We work with the latest technology in water and energy saving, composting and heat recovery, all to minimize our impact on the environment.

Sustainable spa

Nature is a source for recreation and well-being, which has always been a natural relationship for us at Camp Ripan. Read more about our sustainability work at Aurora Spa

Sustainable experiences

From every corner of the world, people come here to experience our breathtaking, yet delicate nature. Northern lights, midnight sun, stunning mountain views and fresh air – we want our guests to experience everything we love about Kiruna, an experience built on respect and consideration for the environment, culture and people who live here.

Nature´s Best

Our Nature’s Best certification guarantees that we provide our guests with high-quality experiences combined with an active responsibility for protecting nature, more eco-friendly travel and careful consideration of the cultural values and people at the destination.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Our goal is to continuously work to minimize our environmental impact. Sweden has some of the strictest environmental regulations today, and one of our national eco-labels is Svanen – the Swan.

Sustainable Arctic Destination

Sustainable Arctic Destination is a certification programme aimed at promoting sustainable tourism development in Kiruna in Swedish Lapland and enhancing the quality of our destination.