At Camp Ripan, we offer a dynamic mix of group activities to enrich your visit, whether you are here for a conference, a team-building event, or just to enjoy our beautiful nature and relaxing spa. One of the most popular activities is our padel hall, where you can challenge colleagues or friends to a friendly match, regardless of skill level. Padel rackets and balls are available for rent or purchase.

Our padel hall is equipped with three double padel courts, allowing multiple matches to be played simultaneously, perfect for larger groups seeking an exciting and active experience. If you are many and want a structured setup, we have an experienced padel coach who can assist with, for example, an Americano. For those who are experienced players, he teaches both technique and match elements, the tactics of how to think to build up a winning ball, the mental game, and positioning. If you are beginners, he can provide an introduction to the game and its fundamentals and ensure that you get games going on all courts.

In addition, there is a fully equipped gym for those who want to warm up before the match or just keep up their training during your stay if you are staying with us. For your convenience, there are also separate changing rooms with toilets and showers for women and men, so you can freshen up after the match if you are heading to our restaurant or conference room afterward.

Many of our groups have been surprised by how easy it has been to get started with a lively game – even without prior knowledge. We think padel is the perfect way to build team spirit, have fun, and experience something new together, why not try it too?

Contact us for further assistance at or call 0980-630 00