How to Dress

In the Winter, it is important to wear thermal underwear, a hat, mittens and warm boots. Closest to your body, you should wear clothing that transports moisture. They should be made of synthetics, wool or a wool blend. Cotton should be avoided. The next layer is preferably of fleece in order to reinforce the heat insulation. The outer layer should be something that protects against wind and precipitation. A warm down or Thinsulate jacket is good for colder weather. When you are out on various activities, for exampel snowshoeing or cross-country skiing extra clothing is a must. For the dog sled tours and the snowmobile tours, a warm snowmobile overall, boots, hat and insulated mittens are provided.


Watch the video and learn how to dress. Then enjoy the Winter! ♥



If you visit us during the Summer (June – August), remember to pack both long–legged and long–sleeved food, preferably a fleece sweater and a finned jacket as well. A simpler hat and thin gloves can also be good to bring out in case, but do not forget swimwear, shorts and linen. Sometimes during Summer, we can have around 25–30 degrees warm.

During the Autumn (September – October), for safety’s sake, you should probably think more Winter than Summer and provide yourself with warm clothes without resorting to the heaviest artillery such as coveralls and snowmobile overalls, comfortable clothes with a wind-proof outer layer are usually enough with a few warming layer-on-layer underneath.