Privacy policy

We value your privacy, which is why we focus on security and how we manage and store your personal data. Here we describe how Camp Ripan manages your personal data and what rights you have. This information is for you who:

  • Is currently a customer.
  • Visits our websites or connects to any of our open Wi-Fi networks.
  • Participates in our marketing activities such as guest surveys or competitions.
  • Communicates with us, e.g. via our front desk or booking.
  • Is a supplier, partner or has another working relationship with us.

Our objective is that your collected personal data is managed and stored in accordance with the data protection regulations and managed in a safe and secure manner. If you have any questions about how we manage or store your personal data, you are welcome to contact us. You will find our contact information below.

What is personal data?
The information that can be connected, directly or indirectly, to a living physical person is personal data. This also includes for example photos, names, personal numbers, IP-address.

Collecting personal data
The collecting of personal data occurs at different times and in different situations to be able to provide our guests with relevant services, experiences and offers.
This is how we collect personal data:

  • You provide us with data, e.g. by buying something, notification for receiving our newsletter or participation in a marketing activity or guest survey.
  • You submit data to one of our partners who provide us with the information for you.

Through a third party, e.g. data about credit worthiness from banks or credit risk institutes, or other purchasing of addresses.

When you buy a product or service from us or one of our facilities, we manage and store the following personal data that you provide us with:

  • Your name (and any accompanying guests) and your contact information.
  • Your personal number, e.g. when you make a booking.
  • Information about your booking, e.g. arrival and departure, price and type of product.
  • Information about payment and payment history.

We manage this personal data to be able to:

  • Identify you as a customer, e.g. for complementary booking information or return of an activity product as well as for any service complaints.
  • Receive payment for a booking, product or service, including managing card payments.
  • Discover and prevent any frauds in connection with payment.
  • Manage and supply you with what you have purchased in accordance with our purchasing and booking conditions.
  • Contact you in the event of any changes to your booking, purchase of product or service.
  • Send arrival and facility-related information.
  • Market our services and products, e.g. via email, SMS or other digital communication. (This you can cancel via a link in the newsletter for unregistration.)
  • Compile statistics about purchasing of our products and services.
  • Produce statistics and carry out analyses with the purpose of improving our services, products and offers.

If you choose to pay via an invoice, with or without partial payment, we also manage personal data about you together with our partners for payment solutions.

When you communicate with us as a company customer regarding for example a quote for a conference, cooperation agreement, we also manage:

  • Invoicing and agreement information,
  • Contact information and personal data about for example you and the company you represent.


From which sources do we get your personal data?
In addition to the information you provide us, or from when you purchase a product and use our services, we can also collect personal data from someone else (a so-called third part). The information we collect from a third part is: Information from social media for marketing purposes (e.g. by publishing photos on our website and associated products).


For service complaints
If you wish to complain about a product, service or contact us about any other compensation claim, we manage:

  • Information you provide us with, e.g. contact information, personal data, payment information, account information and case history.
  • Information about the basis for your compensation claim.
  • Information that you attach to your case, e.g. receipts or medical certificates.

We manage your personal data to be able to:

  • Manage and assess your compensation claim.
  • Discover and prevent fraud in connection with compensation claims.
  • Produce any statistics about compensation cases with the purpose of improving our services.


When you communicate with us
There are many ways to communicate with us – social media, web surveys, via telephone or email. When you communicate with us, we manage the information you provide us with:

  • Name and contact information.
  • Information about your opinion, question or case.

We manage your personal data in order to:

  • Answer your questions and manage your case, e.g. correct mistakes and manage complaints.
  • Supply requested information.
  • Improve our services and the information that we provide and publish via our website.


When you participate in marketing activities or guest surveys
In connection with marketing activities (competitions, campaigns, etc.) or guest surveys (online surveys, interviews etc.), we manage the personal data you provide us with, e.g. name and contact information. We manage this information to be able to:

  • Administrate the marketing activity or guest survey, e.g. to be able to contact you again.
  • Inform and offer you new marketing activities or guest surveys.
  • Contact you with information about general offers as well as personal and customized offers, campaigns and benefits from us, via for example email.


When you connect to our WiFi network at the facility or use our website
When you connect to any of our WiFi networks at our facility, we are the data controller for managing when connecting to the network, but not for the continued management or for the contents of your communication via WiFi.
When you visit our website/WiFi, we manage:

  • Information about how you integrate with and use our website, e.g. via booking.
  • Information about your visit to our websites, via for example Cookies.

We manage your personal data in order to:

  • Provide digital tools and services.
  • Offer you support when you have technical problems.
  • Maintain, test and improve our digital tools and services.
  • Discover and prevent security attacks, e.g. virus attacks.
  • Analysis of visitor behavior on our websites.


For all cases, we are legally obligated to manage personal data
In addition to what is described above, in all cases required by law we are obligated to manage your personal data, e.g. due to our accounting liability or request from an authority.
Legal grounds: When we manage your personal data due to our obligation according to law, we do so with support in a legal obligation.


How long do we save your personal data?
We save your personal data until you as a customer let us know that you want to be anonymous. As a customer, you cannot be anonymous before a purchase is completed (including delivery and payment).


Who do we disclose your personal data to?
Camp Ripan AB shall not sell your personal data to a third party. Although, we may disclose your personal data to the following recipients:

  • Suppliers within and outside EU/EES, who, for example, supply us with IT-services, manage bookings or provide us with payment services and credit checks.
  • If you in the capacity of a company have signed an agreement with us, information about purchase history may be disclosed to the concerned company (e.g. your employer).
  • Other recipients when bound by legal obligations, other statute or authority decision.

Recipients who manage personal data for Camp Ripan AB’s sake shall always enter into a so-called personal data processor agreement with us so that we can ensure that your data is managed in a correct and secure manner. If we use suppliers who manage your personal data for us outside EU/EES, we take special protective measures adopted by the EU Commission, which are available on the EU Commission website.

When your personal data is disclosed to a receiver who is an independent data controller, e.g. an authority or a bank, the receiver’s privacy policy applies and information about personal data management.


How do we protect your personal data?
We value your privacy, which is why we focus on security and how we manage and store your personal data. We work in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation and established guidelines for information security and take measures to protect your data. We have routines and regulations for data protection, e.g. we send your data in a secure manner and ensure that staff only has access to the data they need to do their work.


About cookies
This website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s computer. Camp Ripan uses cookies to improve the website for visitors, for example by logging anonymous statistics. No personal data about the visitor, such as email or name, is saved.


There are two types of cookies:

  • A permanent cookie is left on the visitor’s computer for a certain time. It is used for example for functions that say what is new since the visitor last visited the current website or adjustments made by the visitor.
  • A session cookie is temporarily stored in the computer memory while the visitor is on the website. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser. If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can block them in your browser security settings.


How we use cookies:

The following is a description of the cookies and the information that is stored on your computer when you visit Camp Ripan’s website:

Language management

Is used to remember language choice. Expires after 24 hrs.

Google Analytics

Is used to calculate the number of unique visitors to the website. Saves no personal data. Expires after two years from when set or last updated.

Is used to measure traffic sources and navigation on the website (e.g. which browser is used to access the website). The cookie expires six months after being set or last updated.

Sometimes we have campaigns via Google Adwords, also so-called remarketing campaigns, to market Camp Ripan. Then a cookie from the website is stored on your browser, and Google can show you ads they believe you are interested in, e.g. our ads, in their Display network. The information cannot be traced to an individual user. You can choose to not see these ads when you use Google’s services, as well as YouTube or their browser. Here is more information about how to set personal ad settings. This only applies when you are logged in to your Google account, but when you are not logged on, you can complement with a plug-in program that saves your choice to block customized ads.

Turning off a cookie function:
If you do not accept the use of cookies you can change the settings on your browser so as to not allow cookies. Although, this may result in not being able to use all the functions on our websites.


Your rights

You have certain rights in accordance with data protection legislation. If you wish to apply any of your rights you can contact us using the contact information below.

  • Access to your personal data – you have the right to receive a confirmation on how we managed your personal data and a list of what data is managed.
  • Request correction – you have the right to correct any incorrect information.
  • Request deletion – you have the right to under certain conditions have your data deleted.
  • Object to management that is supported by our legitimate interest and against management for direct marketing – you have the right to object to management of your personal data or that the management is limited.
  • Right to data portability – you have the right to require that personal data is moved from us to another company, authority or organization. This right is limited to information you have supplied us with.

If you want to know more about data protection legislation and your rights, you can read more here:

If you believe our management of your personal data is not in accordance with data protection legislation, we ask that you contact us in writing, please refer to the section on contact information below. You also have the right to complain to the Swedish Data Protection Agency, which is the supervisory authority.


How to oppose digital direct marketing
Camp Ripan AB might use your email address or mobile telephone number for marketing and sending information. If you do not want us to use your personal data for marketing purposes, you are welcome to contact us and we will remove your data from the channels we have access to.


Contact information
Camp Ripan AB (org. no. 556299-7519) is a data controller for the management of your personal data. If you would like more information about how your personal data is managed, please contact us via email at:

Camp Ripan AB
Campingvägen 5
981 35 Kiruna


Updates of information text

This information was last updated on 25 May 2018 and may be subject to change. Changes are published as a new version on our website.