Aurora Spa

Aurora Spa in Kiruna Lapland – A Unique Spa in a Unique Region

When we were just beginning to plan, the focus was already crystal clear – we wanted a spa with its heart in that we find all around us, the materials that symbolize our lives, from the everyday to relaxing recreation. Stone, wood and water – materials that stand for the cool, warmth and essential, which are all included as natural elements in the nature, communities and cultures of Lapland. These deep-rooted elements are the guiding principles of our spa. This natural concept then evolved to include a great deal more, especially tantalizing contrasts.

Swedish Lapland and Kiruna are rich in contrasts, they enrich the lives of those who live here, and we are proud to be able to share them with our guests.

We have chosen to not block out the feeling of winter, but rather build it right in. Our Aurora Spa in­vites you to wander between in and out, heat and cold, soothing water and crystalline snow. Relax indoors and enjoy the winter white lands­cape through panorama windows, or feel the cool caress of the polar winter across your cheek while en­veloped by the warming comfort of our outdoor pool. And if you are lucky, the colourful dance of the Northern Lights will entertain you!

  • Newly renovated lobby

    You are welcomed by our newly renovated lobby

  • Outdoor pool – winter

    Outdoor pool

  • Indoor pool – winter

    Indoor pool

  • Aroma sauna

    Aroma sauna with pine oil

  • Mineral sauna

    Mineral sauna

  • Mountain stream

    Mountain stream

  • Relaxing area


  • The counter

    Time for refreshment