Autumn Outdoor Activities

Autumn is a spectacular season. It is as if nature decides to show off its very best side just before settling down for winter hibernation. The lush countryside now explodes in a fantastic show of colour and in the all darker skies above we welcome the arrival of the rare dance of surreal light. At our latitude, the northern lights begin to appear in the night sky already towards the end of August. But the skies have so much more to offer than just the northern lights. A short walk from the bustle and glare of the city you can stand and be enveloped by the darkness with the constellations of the northern hemisphere shining above. This, of course, depends on the weather. It is such an incredible feeling, being able to experience everything a clear night sky can offer. Autumn in Kiruna is breathtaking in so many ways. Our autumn activities bring you closer to the warm colours, fresh air and everything we love about the season.

Welcome to a spectacular autumn in Kiruna!

Please note! All our activities are shared with other unless you have booked a private experience. This mean you may share transfer or vehicle with others. Private activities are also offered, please contact for more information.

Culinary adventures – autumn

 Let us take you on a culinary adventure in our Lapland pantry!

Guided city tour Kiruna– autumn

Kiruna has, despite its youth, an exciting architectural history to show you.  Join us on a guided city tour and be fascinated by the architecture, history and future of Kiruna.

ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi – autumn

Visit the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi in the autumn. Icehotel 365, the year-round ice experience, the preserved winter world, makes for an intriguing contrast between seasons all years round.

Natures Best – autumn

Here we have gathered all our activities that are marked Nature’s Best. Nature’s Best is a Swedish quality label for eco tourism operations in the northern hemisphere. 

Northern lights tours – autumn

Here in Kiruna you can view the northern lights from the end of August to April. Join us on one of our northern lights tours to experience the colourful swirling bands of light, our northern lights tours starts as early as 1st of September.

Sami activities – autumn

Kiruna is a part of Sápmi and has been home for many generations of Sami. Here there is a genuine living Sami culture, which we look forward to showing you as our guest by offering a variety of different Sami activities.

Wildlife & Nature – autumn

Lapland nature is an experience you do not want to miss. Forests that stretch far and wide across the landscape and high mountain ranges are home to rich wildlife where you can see, among others, moose, reindeer and a wide range of bird species.