Treat your group to a moment of recovery and harmony with a tranquil Curam session at our spa, led by our own wellness and sustainability coordinator Jana Stridfeldt Bjuhr, who is specially trained in the Curam method. This unique activity is perfect for groups looking for a shared experience of new knowledge, deep relaxation, and well-being.

Curam Recovery® is a recovery class where we integrate Curam’s static massage cups in various (yin) positions. This method effectively works with your fascia to release tension, increase flexibility and movement, improve circulation, enhance fluid flow, and help the body achieve better balance and recovery. Curam Recovery® will provide you with a deep connective tissue massage and leave you with a sense of centeredness, well-being, and calm.

This is the experience for those looking for a new health-promoting activity to try together, ensuring you will take home some new knowledge. It’s perfect to combine with a healthy breakfast and either a spa visit, a lecture, or why not both at Aurora Spa.

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