Healt lecture

I samband med att ni bokar en konferens erbjuder vi en rad olika hälsoföreläsningar som inspirerar till When booking a conference with us, we offer a variety of health lectures led by Jana Stridfeldt Bjuhr, our wellness, environmental, and quality coordinator, who is also a certified health advisor, functional medicine health coach, and mindfulness instructor. Each lecture lasts two hours and includes a healthy snack session in the style of No Junk. Besides our conferences, these can be combined with yoga classes in “Andrummet” or any activity at Aurora Spa.


Lifestyle Advice for the Rat Race

This general health lecture is based on today’s hectic lifestyle and discusses simple lifestyle changes that can significantly impact our health. These sessions often spark lively discussions and laughter.

Health Starts in the Gut

Learn about the gastrointestinal system and its impact on your physical and mental health. The gut flora is fascinating! You’ll be surprised by how much your gut bacteria influence your wellbeing.

Optimize Your Well-being with Hormonal Balance

Dive deep into our hormonal systems, their interactions, and how modern life affects them. How can you protect your body from the negative effects of stress on hormones? How can you provide your body with the conditions for optimal hormone levels, mental/physical health, better training results, and balance?

Harmony, Peaceful Nights & Well-being

This lecture delves into how stress works, the chaos caused by lack of recovery, and how to prevent stress-related illness.

Shortcut to Health

You are unique with your genetic makeup! No one else is exactly like you! You have inherited your genes from your biological parents. Some of these genes might seem troublesome to inherit? Will you get cardiovascular diseases like your father or allergies like your mother? It used to be thought that 80% of our health and diseases depended on our genetic inheritance, which isn’t always uplifting, but today it’s known that about 80% of our genetic inheritance regarding our health can be influenced by our lifestyle! This is great news! During this lecture, you’ll learn more about how genes function and how you can influence your genetic expression.

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