At Camp Ripan, we warmly welcome Ulla Lindh, an experienced yin yoga instructor with a passion for holistic health. Ulla offers inspiring yin yoga classes that you can book for yourself and your group, perfect for those seeking relaxation and well-being in conjunction with your conference or other activities. No prior yoga experience is required. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a complete beginner, Ulla’s deep knowledge and holistic approach to health make her yoga classes simple yet profoundly effective for all practitioners.

Total relaxation

In these classes, we focus on the yin aspects of the body, such as the skeleton, connective tissue, ligaments, and internal organs. This is not a physically demanding, active yoga that requires basic fitness; instead, anyone can practice this yoga. Ulla always provides alternatives so that those with limitations or injuries can also find a comfortable yet challenging position.

Unlike most other yoga styles, yin yoga allows your muscles to relax completely and your fascia to become more flexible. This is the activity for you if you desire a healthier body with better circulation and want to prevent future injuries.

We stay in each pose for several minutes while practicing mindful presence – mindfulness. In yin yoga, we do not stretch or pull, but focus on relaxing through breathing techniques and letting the body be, allowing us to delve deeper into what is called passive stretching. Yin yoga is an excellent complement to other physical activities such as running, weight training, and more dynamic yoga styles as it helps your body recover after intense training – or very sedentary work.

Yin yoga is suitable for all people and bodies but is particularly effective for stiff individuals, those with high stress or depression/anxiety issues, and physically active people who rarely stretch. It has been shown to help with back pain, knee and/or neck problems but is particularly beneficial for a stressed and fast-paced lifestyle with too high demands.

This yoga gradually opens up tight hips, the backs of the legs, and calves, making them more supple and elastic. Yin yoga fills you with new energy (known as qi or prana) and calms your mind. We can almost promise – no one leaves a yin yoga class untouched.

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