Cooking Evening

Dive into the secrets of the Norrland cuisine during a cooking evening as you socialize and form new connections in a unique environment. Our belief is that food should not only be enjoyed with the taste buds but should be a comprehensive experience that engages all senses – and comes from thoughtful and fair conditions. By getting to know the local ingredients, you also gain a stronger sense of the place you are in, and our beautiful region truly has much to offer.

During this special evening in Andrummet, you will be guided by an experienced chef through the traditions and innovations of the Norrland kitchen, heritage shaped through generations. Together, you will prepare parts of what will later become the evening’s three-course gourmet meal, carefully composed of ingredients from our forests, lakes, and rivers.

The dinner is complemented by a carefully selected beverage package, where we take the time to discuss the wines that accompany each dish. After dinner, the companionship continues around the open fire with boiled coffee and discussions about food, culture, and much more – a perfect conclusion to a memorable evening.

Price |

2 470 SEK per person including VAT (2 164 SEK excluding VAT) includes a welcome drink with appetizers, beverages tailored to the meal, guidance from a chef/master chef, recipes, and knowledge to take home.

Participants |

Minimum 7 people, optimally groups of about 7-12 people.

Contact us for further assistance at or call 0980-630 00. Allergies announces upon booking.