Winter Outdoor Activities

Winter in Kiruna can be cold and dark, but also wonderfully magical. At Camp Ripan, we love winter and everything about it. The darkness lets us see the northern lights, the cold creates the breathtaking winter landscape and the glittering of frost-covered trees. Later, when the polar winter releases its grip and evolves into spring-winter, the best time of the year begins, according to those who call Kiruna home. The days are brighter and temperatures milder. If you want to get a hold of someone from Kiruna, you will have to search around an ice-fishing hole, up in the mountains, out on a snowmobile or along a cross-country ski trail. People from Kiruna love nature and being outdoors. We want you to be able to experience what we value about our winter, which is why Camp Ripan carefully chooses winter activities. Welcome to a memorable winter experience!

Please note! All our activities are shared with other unless you have booked a private experience. This mean you may share transfers, sleds or snowmobiles with others. Private activities are also offered, please contact for more information.

Culinary adventures – winter

What would life be without great food prepared from the very best of raw produce? This is a question we asked ourselves and realized...

Guided city tour Kiruna - winter

Kiruna has, despite its youth, an exciting architectural history to show you. When Kiruna was founded a little over a century ago, it was built on the idea of...

ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi – winter

Join us on a visit to ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi and be prepared to be impressed, enchanted and captivated by what man can achieve with snow and ice.

Natures Best – winter

Here we have gathered all our activities that are marked Nature’s Best. Nature’s Best is a Swedish quality label for eco tourism...

Northern lights tours – winter

Join us on one of our northern lights tours to experience the colourful swirling bands of light. Kiruna is one of the places on Earth where the conditions are very good for seeing the northern lights, whether you choose to join a northern lights tour or remain at Camp Ripan.

Sami activities – winter

Kiruna is a part of Sápmi and has been home for many generations of Sami. Here there is a genuine living Sami culture, which we look forward to showing you as our guest by offering a variety of different Sami activities.

Skiing, snowshoeing and ice climbing

Skiing and snowshoeing has always been one of the ways of moving through meter-deep snow here above the Arctic Circle. Nowadays...

Snowmobile tours

It’s the ultimate feeling of freedom, straddling the snowmobile and venturing out into the winter-white landscape. We have several different snowmobile tours to choose from.

Wildlife & Nature – winter

Lapland nature is an experience you do not want to miss. Forests that stretch far and wide across the landscape and high mountain ranges are home to rich wildlife where you can see, among others, moose, reindeer and a wide range of bird species.