Healthy Snacks

At Camp Ripan, we understand the importance of maintaining energy and creativity during conference days. That’s why we offer a healthy snack option, designed to provide the nutrition and energy you need for a productive day. Our health snack is made from scratch with high-quality ingredients, with a strong preference for locally produced and organic ingredients, in line with our care for both your well-being and the environment.

Morning Energy Boost

Start the day with a nutritious sandwich on whole grain bread made with seeds and dried cranberries, accompanied by a refreshing smoothie. Of course, coffee and tea are included to ensure you are well-prepared for the day’s sessions.

Afternoon Surprise

To boost energy levels in the afternoon, we introduce our secret cake, a No Junk creation completely free from white flour and white sugar, filled with unexpected, nutritious ingredients. It’s not only healthy but also tasty and satisfying. Can you guess what’s hidden in the recipe?

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