Aurora Spa Ritual Stävan

A complete experience for the body and soul. At your own pace, you carry out the treatments in our spa! The treatments at Aurora Spa are based on old Swedish, Sami and Torne Valley Finnish medicinal traditions. You perform the treatment on yourself at your own pace. The spa bucket includes birch leaf scrub, foot salts with juniper berries, lemon and sea salt, coffee scrub and a body oil made with regionally–grown rapeseed oil.

The products contain natural raw materials and are completely free of preservatives, we manufacture many of the products ourselves

Massage face and hands with a lovely fragrant coffee scrub, let your feet enjoy a foot bath with juniper salt and lemon while massaging the soles of your feet on pellet balls, scrub your body with a scrub made on freshly cut birch leaves, lubricate your whole body with a wonderfully soothing body oil made from turnips and scented with pine aroma oil. All this while in between enjoying the temperate waters of the pools, basking or sipping a glass of wine or a smoothie in the relaxation.

Remember to drink plenty of water during your spa visit and be careful, you bathe at your own risk

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  • Kaffemask

    Refresh your skin with our homemade coffee scrub

  • Fotbad

    Enjoy a relaxing foot bath with iron ore pellets from the Kiruna mine

  • Skyltar
  • Seating
  • Lampa