Aurora Spa Ritual Stävan

An all-encompassing experience for both body and soul awaits you at our spa. At your own pace, you’ll indulge in a series of treatments rooted in ancient Swedish, Sami, and Torne Valley Finnish medicinal traditions. You’ll administer these treatments yourself, ensuring a customized experience. Our spa package includes a birch leaf scrub, foot salts infused with juniper berries, lemon, and sea salt, a coffee scrub, and a body oil crafted from locally-sourced rapeseed oil.

Our products are composed of natural ingredients and are entirely preservative-free; in fact, we produce many of them in-house.

While enjoying the tranquil waters of our pools, lounging in the relaxation area, or savoring a glass of wine or a smoothie, you’re encouraged to pamper your face and hands with our delightful coffee scrub. You can also treat your feet to a soothing bath infused with juniper salt and lemon, all while massaging your soles with Kiruna mine’s iron ore pellets. After your spa session, take a refreshing shower and revitalize your body with a freshly harvested birch leaf scrub. Conclude your experience by generously applying a wonderfully soothing body oil, scented with pine, made from turnips.

Throughout your spa visit, please remember to stay well-hydrated, and always be cautious when using our facilities; you swim at your own risk

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  • Kaffemask

    Refresh your skin with our homemade coffee scrub

  • Fotbad

    Enjoy a relaxing foot bath with iron ore pellets from the Kiruna mine

  • Skyltar
  • Seating
  • Lampa