Tipi Event

This is for those seeking an unforgettable experience. The possibilities are endless with tipi events, where we can set up everything from two connected tents to an entire village of them, right in the middle of the magnificent mountain world or on a frozen lake surrounded by dense, silent coniferous forest. You can’t get closer to nature than this.

Our partner specializes in adventures in our region with over 30 years of experience in managing large and complex events throughout all seasons, and together we can offer a unique opportunity to experience the wilderness without compromising on safety and quality. They have handled everything from Volvo commercials with Zlatan, to Telia, Viaplay, and Arla commercials, to large-scale Hollywood productions like Babylon AD. We dare say that you are in the safest of hands.

Your unique event

Only your imagination sets the limits – imagine a custom-designed ice bar with champagne glasses made of ice, or just a “simple break” from conferencing where you step out of the kåta and are surrounded by the echoing silence of nature under the stars alone. The feeling of freedom and tranquility is unbeatable and must be experienced to be truly understood, no description does it justice.

Fully remote beyond civilization

Even though you are far from civilization, you won’t miss anything you don’t want to. We can arrange stage entertainment, toilets, training, beds with warm sleeping bags, and top-of-the-line food served on-site in your camp. We can build floors if you want to wear heels at the party. We can set up a separate VIP tipi lounge for your band. We can keep you warm around the clock during an event that spans several days in the midst of the cold polar night. Only your own wishes set the limits for your event. Here you will experience things you have never experienced before.

So, whether you desire an inspiring team-building session, pure leadership training, a unique conference experience, or a festive celebration, our tipi events have everything needed to make your event extraordinarily unique. Our partner ensures that all details are in place – from transportation and logistics to food and activities – so you can focus on enjoying the moment and the landscape that we believe you will remember for a long, long time.

Contact us to tailor your next grand adventure – bokning@ripan.se or 0980-630 00