Kiruna City Tour

Explore Kiruna in depth with our city tour – an ideal activity for groups during conferences or team-building events with us. Kiruna, a city shaped by Sami, Swedish, and Finnish cultures and its rich mining history, is undergoing a unique transformation. This transformation is unique in many ways, with the old city center disappearing and buildings and environments being moved or demolished as the mining area expands. The guided tour will give you insight and understanding of how this process affects the city’s identity, and you will see both the older and newer areas of Kiruna.

We visit Kiruna Church (unless it is on the move to its new location at the new Kiruna center) and get a view over the city and the cavity forming between the city and the mine from the local mountain, Luossavaara. We also visit the new Kiruna center with its city hall, residences, shopping centers, police station, and swimming pool. This is a perfect opportunity to unite the team while exploring Kiruna’s heritage and future.

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