We love weddings! At Camp Ripan, we are eager to help make your special day a beautiful and cherished memory. Hold your wedding dinner in our restaurant or why not in our secluded space called Andrummet, a freestanding building next to our main building, perfect for atmospheric events?

Together with the soon-to-be-married couple, we plan the wedding celebration and try as far as possible to accommodate the couple’s wishes regarding decorations, entertainment, food, and drink. We can also help you organize the actual wedding ceremony. Indulge yourselves as a couple by spending some private time at the Aurora Spa in connection with the wedding, or gear up with a paddle Americano with your party if you prefer that! No two weddings are alike, and we are here to assist you with your specific desires.

You can get married in our beautiful wooden building Andrummet, outdoors with our stunning mountain world as a backdrop, under the sparkling Northern Lights, or why not with the rays of the midnight sun flowing over the wedding party as you say yes. No matter where you choose to pledge your love, it will be a memorable day for you and your guests.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, we highly recommend Rebecca Lundh. With a passion for capturing genuine moments and details that matter, you will get invaluable memories from your big day.

Wedding Menu

Among all the fun like speeches and other joys, some food is usually served, and it usually helps if it’s delicious and to the couple’s liking. That’s why we have carefully created a special wedding menu with options for you to choose from. The couple is always offered a menu tasting before the big day. Then you can also get help choosing wines if you haven’t already left it to our sommelier.

Wedding Menu

Cake Menu

Wedding Cake

We like to think of our cakes as small works of art created with passion and precision, baked on-site by our own pastry chef – as unique as your celebrations. Wedding Cake We like to think of our cakes as small works of art created with passion and precision – as unique as your celebrations. We never compromise on quality and use only real butter, fresh cream, organic eggs, genuine vanilla, and premium chocolate. Always organic where there is a choice. Each cake is baked from scratch by our pastry chef, free from semi-finished products and unnecessary additives, handcrafted with the utmost care and creativity.


It’s also good to book where you wish to hold your event well in advance. We have two different venues to offer, which one suits you depends on the size of your party and your own preferences.


The Restaurant

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