The world’s first Icehotel was built in 1989 in Jukkasjärvi, a mere 20-minute drive from Kiruna, and has since become an iconic venue. In addition to its year-round hotel, it features a seasonal architectural marvel of about 30 hotel rooms made from ice and snow sculptures that melt back into the Torne River each spring.

A visit to the Icehotel is more than just an excursion; it’s a unique experience that sparks fascination and inspiration. Here, you and your group can explore ice and snow artworks created by artists from around the globe, witnessing the transformation of ice from the Torne River into impressive sculptures and rooms. Each year, a new theme is introduced, making every visit a fresh discovery.

For groups visiting us at Camp Ripan for conferences or team-building activities, a trip to the Icehotel offers a perfect opportunity to gain new insights and share an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s being inspired by the transient art, enjoying a drink in the Icebar, or simply experiencing the surreal ambiance of a world made entirely of ice and snow, a visit to the Icehotel enhances your stay in Kiruna in memorable ways.

Beyond the artistic creations, the Icehotel is also a place for reflection and awe at the power and beauty of nature. Seeing how the ice from the Torne River is reborn as art and then returns to its natural cycle is a reminder of sustainability and respect for our environment.

We at Camp Ripan highly recommend including a visit to the Icehotel as part of your program when you book your next conference or group activity with us. It’s an enriching, inspiring, and unifying experience.

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