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Since time immemorial, the Sami have used what the land, lakes, rivers, forests, and mountains provide in their cooking. When agricultural settlers arrived, their crops and livestock were incorporated into the area’s range of ingredients, and over the centuries, the best of both kitchens have become a big part of our region’s traditional cuisine.

Here, at our latitude, nature offers a rich pantry of fantastic ingredients, something we aim to utilize and offer to you as our guest. In our kitchen, the region’s ingredients are transformed into flavorful dishes. In the wine cellar, we store wines that pair best with the flavors on the menu. As our guest, we look forward to guiding you on a memorable culinary journey through the Lapland pantry. We know that nothing beats the community found around a well-cooked meal.

Our restaurant

In addition to breakfast, we serve both à la carte and lunch every day. We always offer at least one vegetarian option and you can trust that the food is prepared with Swedish meat and as many locally produced or organic ingredients as we have been able to source. We are committed to our promise to Generation Waste to reduce food waste, which is why we weigh all our waste, and do not offer a buffet but instead serve lunch and dinner by the plate.

In addition to our Swan eco-label and a “Fine level” in White Guide, we are one of the few restaurants awarded the Slow Food Sápmi distinction – the Sami’s own quality mark for good, clean, and fair food. The result is unique culinary experiences with a flavor, quality, and identity they believe the industry cannot deliver

Opening Hours and Table Booking

If you are fewer than 8 people and book at least one day in advance, you can reserve a table directly using the button below. Otherwise, please contact us at or 0980-630 00.

If you require the meal to be invoiced, it must be pre-booked, applicable to both lunch and dinner.

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Discover our selection of biodynamic and organic wines

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