Sami activities – winter

The Sami are one of the world’s indigenous peoples and have lived in Sápmi since time immemorial, a region that today stretches from the Kola Peninsula in Russia, over the northern regions from Finland to Norway, and in Sweden from Treriksröset (Three-Country Cairn) to the north, down to Idre to the south. Kiruna is a part of Sápmi and has been home for many generations of Sami. Here there is a genuine living Sami culture, which we look forward to showing you as our guest by offering a variety of different Sami activities. Experience daily Sami life, learn about their customs and traditions, admire the breathtaking Sami handicrafts called ”Sámi doudji” and perhaps experience your first meeting with reindeer. A special experience is settling down to hear stories about Sami life in the past, present and visions for the future. Welcome to Kiruna, a part of Sápmi.

Idjastállu – Northern lights and reindeer

 A silent night. Sparkling stars, creaking snow and flaming northern lights dancing across the sky. A guide who softly tells legends from the past. This tour offers an easily accessible evening meeting with reindeer, Aurora Borealis and traditional Sámi storytelling – within walking distance from Reindeer Lodge and Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi village.  The northern lights …

Aurora Hunting Tour with Reindeer Sledding

Capture your dream during the polar night! The reindeer sledding tour brings you to the wilderness. Your new-found friend, the sled-reindeer pulls you forward.

Reindeer Herder Tour

Meet the reindeer and reindeer herder in Sami, outside the small village of Övre Soppero, situated in the very north of Sweden. The Sami have conducted reindeer husbandry in this area for hundreds of years and generations. Here you get an exclusive experience that few can get.

Morning light nature yoga

A tour to welcome this day. To give your body a good start in the morning and to meet yourself and the arctic nature in its best. Find your inner peace surrounded by a beautiful landscape embedded in morning light, coldness or soft falling snow.

Guided tour to Icehotel / Jukkasjärvi

Our local Sámi guide picks you up at Camp Ripan and then we are heading for Jukkasjärvi and Icehotel, which is probably the most wellknown attraction here. But this charming village by the majestic Torne River, has more to offer…

Sami Survivor Tour

We learn the sami way of being in the nature, how to think, what to do and not do and we learn how to dress.

Ráidu – Encounter the reindeer

Transport from Jukkasjärvi out to the reindeer camp in the forest, by snowmobile driven by the guide while guests sit behind in a big…