Sami Northern Light Tour

My name is Niklas Blind and I have a rich cutural heritage wth a close connection to nature and my reindeer husbandry. I would like to invite you to my Sami way of life. I welcome you to my home, to meet my reindeer. I will teach you everything you need to know about them and you will also get the chance to feed them. The crunchy texture of the snow under your feet, as you gaze up at the starry sky and witness the breathtaking dance of the northern lights, will truly be a unique experience. And if there´s a snowstorm, I´ll teach you more about weather and how to protect ourselves.

We start the tour in the village of Jukkasjärvi with a 25-minute scooter ride out to the camp, far away from the city lights. There you meet our reindeer, and can take a classic reindeer sledge ride. You will be served Sami-inspired food and cold or hot drinks. Throughout the trip we will also stop to look for the amazing northern lights.