Aurora Hunt with reindeer sledding

Capture your dream during the polar night! We will leave the city life in Kiruna for one evening and travel eastward on the Aurora borealis road. The road leads us further north closer to the Northern lights area and to the reindeer in the heart of Northern Lapland. The reindeer sledding tour brings you to the wilderness. Your new-found friend, the sled-reindeer pulls you forward. The silence emerges and you can hear the creaking of snow under the sled and the snapping from reindeer hooves in the winter evening. Imagine a clear starry sky evening far from the city lights and you may be lucky enough to see the majestic Northern Lights in Lapland. You are travelling in a reindeer ”rajd” as the Sámi people did for hundreds of years ago in these areas. After the tour, we feed the reindeer together and gather in the lávvu around the warming fire to eat a dish made of reindeer meet.

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