Summer Outdoor Activities

A summer in Kiruna can offer every type of weather, from parched and hot to cool and rainy, and don’t be surprised if it snows! Now, no matter what your thoughts are on that, and while the weather and wind change from one day to the next, one thing stays the same – the light! For that we can thank the life-giving midnight sun, which encourages a feverish growth in every direction, around the clock. The midnight sun turns night into day, our life spirit is injected with surplus energy and you find it difficult to crawl into bed at a reasonable time, if you remember to go to bed at all!  Quite undeniably, summer in Sweden’s northernmost city is rather special and well worth experiencing. There are so many summer activities to choose from, so no matter whether you join an exhilarating rafting trip down the Torne River, hike along the Midnight Sun Trail or taste the fantastic raw produce that this region has to offer, you will carry away memories for life. Welcome to Camp Ripan and a summer experience in Kiruna!

Please note! All our activities are shared with other unless you have booked a private experience. This mean you may share transfer or vehicle with others. Private activities are also offered, please contact for more information.

Read more about the midnight sun here.

Sami activities – summer

Kiruna is a part of Sápmi and has been home for many generations of Sami. Here there is a genuine living Sami culture, which we look forward to showing you as our guest by offering a variety of different Sami activities.

Wildlife & Nature – summer

Lapland nature is an experience you do not want to miss. Forests that stretch far and wide across the landscape and high mountain ranges are home to rich wildlife where you can see, among others, moose, reindeer and a wide range of bird species.