Lunch tour to Nikkaluokta

Follow us to Nikkaluokta, a small Sami village in the beautiful high mountain area, close to Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden. Hike in the mountain area and learn more about Sami people and the Arctic nature while enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Our local Sami guide picks you up at your hotel and, by minibus, we are heading for the village. We enjoy the fantastic landscape, with possibility to see moose, reindeers and other wild animals, and also make a stop to see the mountain of Kebnekaise when it is possible to see it.

The road ends in the Nikkaluokta village and from here, the hiking will start. We walk in the valley close to the village and enjoy the high mountains close to the river Vistasjohka and the big lake Báittasjávri. We also visit the small chapel and our guide learn you more about Sami people and the Arctic nature.

Before we go back to Kiruna we eat lunch, outdoor or indoor depending on season.

  • Nikkaluokta

    Photo: Ylva Sarri