Tour to Icehotel & Jukkasjärvi

Follow us visiting Icehotel and the village Jukkasjärvi. See the oldest church in northernmost Sweden and meet the reindeers at Nutti Sami Siida. Our local guide pick you up and drive you by minibus to Jukkasjärvi. At Icehotel you will have time, on your own, to discover the Icehotel with the famous ice art exhibition.

Your guide will also take you to the oldest part of Jukkasjärvi and you will get to hear more about the area of Kiruna and about Sami people. You visit the old church, also called the ”Sami church”, where the oldest parts are from 1607 and meet the reindeers at Nutti Sami siida, the Sami museum. When we are finished we go back to Kiruna.

Note that we during spring, summer and autumn visit Icehotel 365.

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