Wildlife & Nature – winter

Lapland nature is an experience you do not want to miss. Forests that stretch far and wide across the landscape and high mountain ranges are home to rich wildlife where you can see, among others, moose, reindeer and a wide range of bird species. No matter whether you join an exciting moose safari to their winter foraging grounds, spend an evening horseback riding through a wintery ancient forest or pack your camera and tripod for a wildlife and nature photo tour, you will have memories for life. Magnificent, sprawling and beautiful scenery is waiting for you. But do remember, even if our nature may seem at times desolate and uninhabited, we do not call it a wilderness, out of respect for those people who have lived on and used what the land, waterways and forests offer for generations without leaving visible traces. And this is exactly how we want it, we show respect for our wildlife and nature, a nature that is not ours to exploit, but rather for us to preserve.

Reindeer calf month

A very exclusive experience awaits you during the evening in the midnight sun when the reindeer herder and his family meet you among calving reindeer. It is a unique opportunity for you to meet all our reindeer and to see the newborn reindeer calves take their first steps, and maybe you will be able to feed a newborn reindeer calf with a bottle.

Reindeer herder tour

Meet the reindeer and reindeer herder in Sami, outside the small village of Övre Soppero, situated in the very north of Sweden. The Sami have conducted reindeer husbandry in this area for hundreds of years and generations. Here you get an exclusive experience that few can get.

Morning light nature yoga

A tour to welcome this day. To give your body a good start in the morning and to meet yourself and the arctic nature in its best. Find your inner peace surrounded by a beautiful landscape embedded in morning light, coldness or soft falling snow.

Wildlife and nature photo tour

Scandinavian Photoadventures welcomes you on a tour around Kiruna and the best locations to capture landscape, nature and wild animals such as moose, reindeer and birds on camera. Beginner or more experienced in photography – our guides help you to get exclusive pictures for your album

Northern light kennel visit and packwalk

Welcome to kennel Husky Home and the hunt for the northern lights.

Moonlight tour with dogsled

“Meditation in Motion” that was what one of our guests called this trip last year. It is almost impossible to explain how bright a tour under the moon light can be. We would love to share this magic light with you.

Sami survivor tour

We learn the sami way of being in the nature, how to think, what to do and not do and we learn how to dress.

Northern light photo tour

Scandinavian Photoadventures welcomes you for an unforgettable tour hunting Northern Lights, around the best places for auroral photography in…

Northern lights tour on horseback

We pick you up in Kiruna and head Westward by to our horse farm. Together we prepare the horses for riding and in the winter evening…

Moose safari on horseback

We pick you up in Kiruna and drive Westward to our farm. We drive through the moose winter land and the moose usuallycan bee…

Moose safari by minibus

Enjoy seeing the moose up close as they roam around in their winter grazing grounds. With a minibus we will drive west, towards Nikkaluokta…

Dogsledding, moose safari and home visit

With us you will run your own team in a unique mountain setting. You are two people per team taking turns driving. We live outside the major tourist…

Ráidu – Encounter the reindeer

Transport from Jukkasjärvi out to the reindeer camp in the forest, by snowmobile driven by the guide while guests sit behind in a big…