Forest escape by dogsled

A top-rated experience on TripAdvisor! Enjoy a ride on a dog sled through the magical winter landscape of Lapland. The landscape is like something out of a story book and the cold air is filled with the warm breath of our huskies as they run along an exciting forest trail away from other tourist kennels. Half-way, we stop at our lávvu, a traditional Sami style tipi, where you will warm yourself around a roaring fire with a steaming mug of coffee or hot chocolate in your hands, served with homemade apple cake. The scenery that surrounds you is beautiful, and with plenty of time to cuddle the dogs, we’re sure it’s an experience you’ll remember forever. You may even see reindeer or moose on your adventure!

This is the perfect tour for families, couples and individuals where you sit on a sled driven by a professional guide, so you can relax and enjoy time in nature with our friendly huskies. Our kennel is just 10 minutes outside of Kiruna and yet it feels like a different world far away from crowds. Our dogs love it too and we are sure you’ll notice how happy and excited they are to meet you.

  • Lavvo

    Photo: Lapland Sleddog Adventures

  • Vinterskog

    Photo: Gaynor Leeper

  • Lapland Sleddog Adventures

    Lapland Sleddog Adventures

  • Hundar

    Photo: Jerome Lardet