Moose safari on horseback

We pick you up in Kiruna and drive Westward to our farm. We drive through the moose winter land and the moose usuallycan bee seen close to the road. After arriving at our farm we prepare the Icelandic horses and go for a tour in the forest where the moose can bee seen during the day. When we are on horseback we come closer to the animals than usual and on this tour we try to “tölt” (a special trot)with the horses if it is possible. After the riding we have lunch at our farm and then we drive you back. This tour is certified with the Swedish Ecotourism Society’s label, Nature’s Best.

This activity is available as a PRIVATE TOUR!

sustainable arctic destination

  • Ryttare, häst, älgar
  • Älgar
  • Kaffekokning
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