Arctic real-life

This exclusive full-day ice fishing tour with delicious open-fire cooking offers a glimpse into the real life of the locals on their days off. As soon as the opportunity arises, they head to their cottages, arks, or mountain trailers where they become one with nature, enjoying and recharging their batteries, far away from the stress and musts of the city.

We want to share our own gem of social interaction and relaxation with you through this experience on the ice of Torneträsk, a stone’s throw from our cottage.

The Tour

We pick you up from the hotel, dressed for the challenges of winter with warm outerwear and shoes from Camp Ripan, and take you along a beautifully snow-covered road up to Torneträsk, where genuine Norrland hospitality awaits. The car ride takes about 40 minutes, during which time we tell you more about the area and the Tornedalian culture we hold so dear before arriving in the fascinating mountain world that surrounds our cottage.

After a short snowmobile ride down to the frozen lake, you are greeted by a crackling fire and comfortable reindeer hides. Enjoy steaming hot coffee boiled over open fire, and taste traditional coffee cheese from Tornedalen as well as freshly baked gahkku with cheese and cloudberry jam, while we tell you about ourselves and the place you are visiting.

Then we head out onto the ice to find the perfect spot for ice fishing, an activity that brings us closer to nature and gives you a chance to experience the mighty silence and beauty of the Arctic landscape. We drill holes in the ice and guide you in the art of putting worms on the hook and give you your own fishing rod. Patience and steaming hot coffee and cordial will be our faithful companions.

While you fish and socialize, we prepare the day’s lunch consisting of pita bread and souvas made from local ingredients and cooked over an open fire. If we are lucky and the fish bite, we will also cook the freshly caught fish directly on the ice, with typical Norrland accompaniments.

We conclude the day by reflecting on our experiences together before returning to Camp Ripan.

Optional – Sauna with drinks and snacks

As the adventure draws to a close and we pack up, you can choose to end the day in a warm and cozy sauna at our cottage, for only 395 SEK/person. Here, relaxing warmth, drinks, and snacks await to help you recover from the day’s experiences. This option adds another two hours to the tour, resulting in an eight hour tour in total.