Culinary adventures – winter

What would life be without great food prepared from the very best of raw produce? This is a question we asked ourselves and realized it would be pretty boring, especially when you consider all the fantastic raw produce our region has to offer. Let us take you on a gastronomic journey of tastes in our Lapland pantry!

Arctic real-life

This exclusive full-day ice fishing tour with delicious open-fire cooking offers a glimpse into the real life of the locals on their days off.

At home with the Karkeas

We are a cheerful and sociable family with a deep love for food. Anders hails from Torne Valley, Sweden, while Hanna comes from Finnish Lapland. Our paths crossed around 13 years ago at a ski center in Finland, and after much exploration, we found our home in Kiruna. Our family includes August, a vibrant 9-year-old …

Traditional Sápmi cooking

Welcome to a journey in the world of the senses of the Sami cuisine where you can cook and eat a meal with traditional food from Sápmi…

Aurora tour with dinner in Abisko

This is a tour for those who do not want to do an overnight trip to the famous Abisko. After a 1,5 hour trip by car we eat a three course dinner at the…