Kiruna – A city on the move

Kiruna, where the Sami, Swedish and Finnish cultures meet, is an exciting city to experience. Kiruna was built around 120 years ago, when the treasures of the earth were to be retrieved. The iron ore body of the mountain Kiirunavaara stretches in under the town. That’s why we now have to move the town when the world’s largest underground iron-ore mine is expanding.

We tell you about the birth of Kiruna and the story of the first legendary manager of the mine, Hjalmar Lundbohm, and the town he created. A visit to the oldest part of town will show you the historic buildings and what they mean to us in Kiruna. We will guide you in Kiruna Church and the City Hall and talk about how they will be affected by the move. The tour continues to Luossavaara for a view over the city and the mountains. There, we explain the plans for that area. We visit the area where the new city center will be and also the company part of town and the “Mine City Park”. We end the tour at Kiruna Storytelling AB, where we serve you coffee or tea and a sandwich while you watch a short slideshow.

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