Welcome to Camp Ripan

in Kiruna Swedish Lapland

Sustainability seriously

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This is Camp Ripan!


Our cabins with hotel standard are modern and very comfortable, all with private entrances. Small private oases close to all service with a sense of coming home when you unlock your door.

Food & Drinks

We wish to give you a dining experience that moves your senses – cooked with local and ethical alternatives in the hope of making the smallest imprint on the hand that feeds us.

Aurora Spa

We have chosen not to exclude nature but rather building it right in, at Aurora Spa you easily move between inside and out, warmth and cold, darkness and light.


The area around Camp Ripan is an enormous arena for adventures, perfectly located in-between the city centre and the woods. Don’t hesitate to book, your next adventure is awaiting you!


A successful meeting has long lasting effects, let us help you to create the best conditions for your meeting and book you next conference with us.

Camp Ripan – We bring you Kiruna

Kiruna has just about everything, from a majestic mountain landscape to exciting architectural history, northern lights to midnight sun, dog sledding to Icelandic horseback riding and everything in between. With a fantastic location close to both Kiruna’s old city centre with its view of the mine and the endless forest with its hiking paths and ski trails, we can offer you many enjoyable hours of exploration.

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Construction in progress near our facility can cause disturbance. We sincerely apologize for this and thank you for your understanding. Read the letter from our General Manager Ida Johansson below.

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