A dog sled tour

In Kiruna we have learned to take advantage of the wonderful things our long winter season offers and a winter holiday at Camp Ripan is a truly eventful experience. The area surrounding Camp Ripan is a gigantic arena for experiences, for adventurers of all ages!
If you have never been on a dog sled tour before, this is definitely something you have to try. Dog-sledding is one of the Artic native people’s traditional modes of transportation and works just as well today as it did for past generations.

When the harnesses are brought out and the dogs hitched up, the air vibrates from their eager barking and howling. Their excited display shows how eager they are to get on their way. Now it’s time for you to settle down on the warming reindeer hides and the moment your musher gives the signal to run, they are suddenly quiet. The only sounds you hear are the sled gliding through the snow and the panting breath of the dogs. If you are lucky, during the tour you may also see wild animals or at least their tracks in the snow.

Riding behind a team of sled dogs is a fantastic experience and an adventure you will never forget.