Dogsled tours

The air quivers of feverish activity and the happy howls of the huskys is their way of saying “Let’s go!” Once the musher has given the start command, all is quite as if by magic. All you can hear is the motion of the sled and the focused breathing of the dogs. Sit back comfortably or take command of your own team of dogs. Whichever you choose, this is an experience in itself to take part in.

Dog walk with northern light hunt and kennel visit

Welcome to kennel Husky Home and the hunt for the northern lights.

Moonlight tour with dogsled

“Meditation in Motion” that was what one of our guests called this trip last year. It is almost impossible to explain how bright a tour under the moon light can be. We would love to share this magic light with you.

Dog sled tour for children and families

Come and visit our farm, and experience how we, our 3 children and our animals live amongst the Kiruna Mountains. We live outside the major tourist…

Aurora hunt by dogsled

The Aurora Hunt by dogsled is the perfect way to increase your chances of spotting the often exclusive Northern Lights. Immerse yourself in the dark…

Forest escape by dog sled

Imagine gliding through the sparkling wintery landscape of Lapland by dog sled; something you will have dreamed of as a…

Dogsledding, moose safari and home visit

With us you will run your own team in a unique mountain setting. You are two people per team taking turns driving. We live outside the major tourist…