Wildlife & Nature – summer

Lapland nature is an experience you do not want to miss. Forests that stretch far and wide across the landscape and high mountain ranges are home to rich wildlife where you can see, among others, moose, reindeer and a wide range of bird species. No matter whether you join a relaxing boat tour underneath the midnight sun, spend an evening Icelandic horseback riding in the light summer night or pack your camera and tripod for a wildlife and nature photo tour, you will have memories for life. Magnificent, sprawling and beautiful scenery is waiting for you. But do remember, even if our nature may seem at times desolate and uninhabited, we do not call it a wilderness, out of respect for those people who have lived on and used what the land, waterways and forests offer for generations without leaving visible traces. And this is exactly how we want it, we show respect for our wildlife and nature, a nature that is not ours to exploit, but rather for us to preserve.

Mountain walk in Abisko

Join us on a walk in the mountains close to Abisko nationalpark, learning about the nature in the area. We take the lift up to Aurora sky station and mount Nuolja and walk with an amazing view down to the Abisko valley or, if you have hard to walk down hill we take the chairlift …

Nature, animals and mindfulness

Welcome to Husky Home where we put harmony in center. We invite you to our kennel as well as to our home. We start the day with a transfer along the beautiful Kalix river with Sweden’s tallest mountain in sight. After about thirty minutes we arrive at our farm at the river’s beach where we live …

Midnight sun tour in Abisko

We welcome you to an night tour to Abisko to experience the midnight light and unique nature in Abisko nationalpark.

Nature´s pantry and Sami dinner – Private tour

Scandinavian Photoadventures welcomes you to an afternoon in the nature. We pick berries and plants and learn about how they are used in sami everyday life. We end the day with a sami inspired dinner where we got to taste our own berries and plants.

Kennel visit with pack walk

Welcome to kennel Husky Home. At our kennel the dogs live in bigger packs and run free in big pens. We introduce you to the dogs and talk about our kennel and teach you how to handle the dogs. We bring the some of the them out for a walk up on the mountain behind …

Photo tour with dinner in Abisko – Private tour

This is a tour for those of you that do not want to do an overnight trip to the famous Abisko. We pick you up from your hotel and…

Wildlife & nature photo tour

Scandinavian Photoadventures welcomes you on a tour around Kiruna and the best locations to capture landscape, nature and wild animals…

Mountain tour with Icelandic horse

A riding tour with Icelandic horses close to the mountains. We saddle the horses before the riding tour and ride in the valley of the…

Midnight sun tour on Iceland horse

Enjoy the midnight sun from horseback on a riding tour with Icelandic horses during the night.