Sami activities – summer

The Sami are one of the world’s indigenous peoples and have lived in Sápmi since time immemorial, a region that today stretches from the Kola Peninsula in Russia, over the northern regions from Finland to Norway, and in Sweden from Treriksröset (Three-Country Cairn) to the north, down to Idre to the south. Kiruna is a part of Sápmi and has been home for many generations of Sami. Here there is a genuine living Sami culture, which we look forward to showing you as our guest by offering a variety of different Sami activities. Experience daily Sami life, learn about their customs and traditions, admire the breathtaking Sami handicrafts called ”Sámi doudji” and perhaps experience your first meeting with reindeer. A special experience is settling down to hear stories about Sami life in the past, present and visions for the future. Welcome to Kiruna, a part of Sápmi.

Reindeer calf month

A very exclusive experience awaits you during the evening in the midnight sun when the reindeer herder and his family meet you among calving reindeer. It is a unique opportunity for you to meet all our reindeer and to see the newborn reindeer calves take their first steps, and maybe you will be able to feed a newborn reindeer calf with a bottle.

Nature´s pantry and Sami Dinner

Scandinavian Photoadventures welcomes you to an afternoon in the nature. We pick berries and plants and learn about how they are used in sami everyday life. We end the day with a sami inspired dinner where we got to taste our own berries and plants.

Photo tour with dinner in Abisko

This is a tour for those of you that do not want to do an overnight trip to the famous Abisko. We pick you up from your hotel and…

Traditional cooking in Sápmi

Welcome to a journey in the world of the senses of the Sami cuisine where you can cook and eat a meal with traditional food from Sápmi…