Sustainable experiences

From every corner of the world, people come here to experience our breathtaking, yet delicate nature. Northern lights, midnight sun, stunning mountain views and fresh air – we want our guests to experience everything we love about Kiruna, an experience built on respect and consideration for the environment, culture and people who live here.

Together with local partners, we provide our guests with knowledge about the nature of the region, as well as cultural values. We choose to collaborate with local activity providers that have solid knowledge of the area and who share our vision of sustainable development of tourism in Kiruna. We feel it is important to work with and respect other local actors and we actively work with having an open dialogue between different tourism companies, the municipality, landowners and reindeer herders. To provide utmost quality and safety, our activities are in small groups, enabling us to see every guest.

Our Nature’s Best certification guarantees that we provide our guests with high-quality experiences combined with an active responsibility for protecting nature, more eco-friendly travel and careful consideration of the cultural values and people at the destination. Catch the northern lights riding on the back of an Icelandic horse, wander through a glittering winter wonderland on snowshoes or meet Nils Torbjörn Nutti’s reindeer herd in Jukkasjärvi.


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Natures best
Nutti Samt Siida and Ofelas Icelandichorses is two of our local partners certified with Nature´s Best Sweden. Photo by Peter Rosén and Ofelas.