Northern Light Photo Tour

Scandinavian Sámi Photoadventures welcomes you to join our tour to experience the Northern Light around the best places for Northern light photography in Kiruna. Beginner or more experienced in photography – our guides help you to get exclusive memories to bring home for your album.

While waiting for the Aurora Borealis we teach you the basics of Northern lights/night photography, using either your own camera equipment or ours. We take photos not only of the Northern lights but also of ourselves and of the nature around us. If it is not an Auroral night we will teach you how to later,
with your own camera, create beautiful Auroral images. 

Depending on the aurora forecast and the weather we have several locations to choose from, we drive up to 40 minutes from Kiruna to find open skies. 

  • Northern lights over Kiruna

    Photo: Ylva Sarri, Scandinavian Sámi Photoadventures

  • Norrskensfotografering 2

    Photo: Anette Niia, Scandinavian Sámi Photoadventures

  • fika lavvu

    Photo: Scandinavian Sámi Photoadventures