Nature´s pantry and sami dinner

Follow our Sami guide to pick berries and plants. Learn about how they are and were used in Sami everydaylife. Take part in an interesting day out in the nature. Eat a Sami inspired dinner with taste from what we have collected in the forest.

Our Sami guide pick you up from the hotel and take you to the countryside to collect berries and plants, depending on the season. We learn about how they have been used and are used in Sami tradition and learn more about plants, nature and wildlife in the area. We make fire and drink coffee and when we are done we go to the restaurant for dinner.

We bring our collected pantry and meet the chef. Based on what we have with us the kitchen prepares a sometimes innovative, sometimes traditional meal.

  • plocka bär
  • hjortron
  • bär
  • blåbär