Mindfulness and massage experience with dogs

On this premium tour you will have the chance to learn about how we train the dogs with help of mindfulness and our full presence.  Our trained guides will teach you step by step how you can use mindfulness in your everyday life with or without your dogs.


You will get a lecture and an introduction on how mindfulness works  and how it can change the life for you and your animal. You will get to learn how we work with the dogs from young puppies to old dogs, wherein the Trust Technique is one of our most important tools.  

You will learn how to build a relationship with your dog with the help of your own presence and calmness. We will give you different examples of how a present mind can help your daily training with your dog. If you have problems with dogs at home, we will discuss them and come up with suggestions for solutions. You get to practice the techniques yourself .

Mindfulness and meditation is well linked to the important neurotransmitter GABA. When levels of GABA and serotonin, two key brain chemicals run on empty, our stress defense shield drops — making us vulnerable to anxiety,worry, restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, etc.

One study by psychiatrists at the Boston University School of Medicine found an incredible 27% increase after less than one hour of meditation. Researchers believe that practicing mindfulness has a very strong neurotransmitter “cumulative effect,” with tectonic implications for the anxiety sufferer.


When we have reduced our thinking levels with mindfulness, the dogs will get more relaxed and it is the perfect time for a whole body massage on the dogs. We will teach you the techniques, while you apply them directly on your dog for the day. Massage is a good way to reduce stress elements and muscles tensions.

Oxytocin is a large part of the explanation for why touch and massage make us feel good. It is a hormone and a signaling substance, also called the calmness hormone, which controls a number of vital functions and is thus crucial for our survival. According to some studies, it takes ten seconds from the time you start massaging someone until the person/animal takes their first deep breath and the oxytocin starts to be secreted.

Oxytocin is made in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, but it affects the whole body. Oxytocin is almost a miracle hormone. It relieves pain, speeds up the healing of wounds and injuries, lowers pulse, blood pressure and levels of stress hormones. In addition, the hormone has a long-lasting effect and affects us longer than during the touch itself.

We will provide you with an affiliate link to the Messages of Trust and help to find a nearby practitioner if you are interested in deepening your knowledge about the Trust Technique when you are back home.


What do you benefit from on this tour?

You will take with you tools that you can use when you come home in the form of mindfulness and massage. You will also receive a discount on private and online coaching. You will become very calm and relaxed and create a deep contact with our dogs.

What do our dogs benefit from in this tour?

During this tour you will help the dogs relax both psychological and physical tensions which is an important part of our daily work. You will also help teach the dogs to feel safe around strangers.

Who is the teacher?

Ylva Forssén has over 20 years of dog experience, mainly in bird hunting and sled dogs. She is well educated in many disciplines and a dog psychologist. She has a Crossfields Institute level 3 diploma in mindfulness for people with their animals: Trust Technique Practitioner. Using mindfulness in daily training she creates a stress-free environment at the kennel. It can also help if you have problems with your dog to build a new relationship and trouble-free everyday life.