Dog sled tour for children and families

Children like to meet animals and they should have a lot of time to cuddle with them. Therefore we offer this trip where you as a family are all alone with us on the kennel. It is peace and quiet and no stress from other guests. We adjust the length of the actual sledding depending on the children’s age and outdoor temperature. We have plenty of time to cuddle with the dogs and the children can help to feed and unharness the dogs if they want too. After the trip, we invite you to have a hot drink in our kitchen.

If you are two families travelling together, you can of course come here together. On this trip, children and parents sit on the sled and have a relaxing moment together. We welcome children of all ages. It is not uncommon for small children to fall asleep to the dog’s pace. If it is really cold outside, we put the children in sleeping bags. We can also offer German and French speaking guides.

• Private tour for you and your children
• A lot of time for the kids to interact with the dogs
• Home-visit after the tour
• Moose safari during transfer and the sled tour
• We have three kids ourselves and are used to be outdoor with kids in extreme conditions
• Possible for adults to drive their own team

  • barn

    Photo: Linnea Lundkvist

  • Hundar 1

    Photo: Fredrik Ludvigsson

  • Hundar 3

    Photo: Björn Wanhatalo

  • familjetur

    Photo: Linnea Lundkvist