The life-giving midnight sun

When can i see the midnight sun?
The midnight sun glows in our sky from the 27th of May until the 14th of July. During this period, it never slides below the horizon. The sun is at its lowest at the time 00:40. So the sun is up continuously for 47 days at Kiruna’s latitude. The periods prior to and following that of the midnight sun are also very bright. This is why we usually talk about having 100 days without night.

Where should I stand to best se the midnight sun?
The midnight sun is the same sun seen during daytime, it just doesn’t go below the horizon.
This means that you don’t see a rapid sunset and sunrise.
This phenomenon can be experienced anywhere in Kiruna. You’ll get a really nice view if you follow the “midnight sun trail” starting from camp ripan up to the mountain Luossavaara.