Please contact us if you have a disability and we will help you book one of our rooms with better accessibility to facilitate your stay.


If you want to visit our campground, our service house is adapted so that it is also accessible with a wheelchair in the toilet, kitchen, and showers. Please let us know if you need a shower chair.

Padel hall and gym

Our padel hall and changing rooms are on the ground floor. In the same building, you will find our gym and golf simulator, which are on the upper floor – there is no elevator.

Aurora Spa

The experience at Aurora Spa includes an aroma sauna, mineral sauna, steam sauna, outdoor pool, indoor pool, and a relaxation area. To ensure that you, as a person with a mobility impairment, have the best possible experience, we want to provide more information about the design of our spa. If you have a mobility impairment or use a wheelchair, you can enter through our entrance and into our changing rooms. We have an accessible toilet and shower in the changing rooms. From the changing room, you enter the spa via what we call the mountain stream. You then walk in 10 cm of cold water. It is 70 cm wide where you walk and the step down to the stream is 30 cm. If you cannot enter this way, you can enter through a door at the entrance.

Our Saunas

The aroma sauna has a door that is 80 cm wide and two steps, each 20 cm high, to enter the sauna.

The mineral sauna has a door that is 75 cm wide and one step, 20 cm high, to enter.

The steam sauna has a door that is 60 cm wide and one step, 13 cm high, to enter.

Our Pools

We have an outdoor pool that you enter via several steps with a handrail up, and then several steps down into the pool. It is about 100 cm deep and has a ledge to sit on.

Our indoor pool has an edge that is 73 cm high, and it is also possible to enter from the side where it is 60 cm high. It is about 60 cm deep and is designed for sitting.

In addition to this, we have a footbath, a Tornedalsdusch (cold water from a bucket in the ceiling), and our lovely relaxation area which can be used by those with mobility impairments or wheelchair users.

A warm welcome to Aurora Spa!