ECO kitchen

Our new eco-kitchen is a place for inspiration and joy without energy thieves! We work with the latest technology in water and energy saving, composting and heat recovery, all to minimize our impact on the environment.


One of Sweden’s most environmentally friendly kitchen

eco kitchen poster

All our dishes are prepared using induction heating. This means we only use power when the food is being warmed. We use LED lighting with motion dectors so areas are lit only when being used.


Dirty pots, pans, cutlery and dishes are washed until clean. Our new equipment adjusts the temperature and amount of water needed according to how dirty the load is. Which this means that we use 7 times less water than with a regular dishwasher.


If there is anything left on your plate, our modern compost machine will take care of it. All organic food waste is to be compost and then used as fertilizer to grow new fresh produce.

We only use natural coolants and equipment that do not contribute to carbon dioxide emissions. 


The heat from our kitchen is captured and used in other areas at Camp Ripan through our modern ventilation system


We are happy to tell you more about our new sustainable kitchen

Please contact Dennis Lind, CEO at Camp Ripan: