Yoga at Aurora Spa

Start your day in the spirit of well-being with Yoga Flow and Yin Yoga at Aurora Spa on Tuesday and Thursday mornings this winter. Accommodating guests can join these sessions at no additional cost when the bookings are made through the reception or

Yoga Flow with Lise–Lotte Oskarsson

Tuesdays at 06:45-07:30

(14/11, 21/11, 28/11, 5/12, 12/12, 19/12)

Price | 160 SEK (free for all staying guests when you book with the reception)

Boka tid

A flowing yoga class where we focus on awakening the body. Simply a wonderful way to start the day!

Yin Yoga with Ulla Lindh

Thursdays at 06:30-07:30

(23/11, 30/11, 7/12, 14/12)

Price | 150 SEK (free for all staying guests when you book with the reception)

Boka tid

We focus on the yin aspects of the body, such as the skeleton, connective tissues, ligaments, and internal organs. The very simple postures are always performed lying down or sitting. Unlike most other yoga styles, Yin Yoga allows your muscles to completely relax. You stay in each position for several minutes, practicing mindful presence – mindfulness. In Yin Yoga, we don’t stretch forcefully; the focus is on relaxing with the help of breathing techniques, allowing the body to naturally ease into a passive stretch. Yin Yoga is an excellent complement to other physical activities such as running, strength training, and other more dynamic yoga styles.

Yin Yoga is suitable for all people and body types, particularly effective for those with stiffness. It has been shown to help with back pain, knee and/or neck problems, and even for those leading a stressed and fast-paced lifestyle with high demands. This yoga slowly opens up stiff hips, backs of the legs, and calves, making them more flexible and elastic. Yin Yoga replenishes your entire being with new energy (known as qi or prana) and calms your mind.