Fjällräven Classic

For participants in Fjällräven Classic
Fjällräven Classic is the world’s only mountain hiking race in one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes – Sweden’s Kungsleden, “the King’s Trail”. 110 kilometers of mountain hiking from Nikkaluokta to Abisko.  Fjällräven Classic is a wonderful adventure for all ages, for speed demons and bons vivants, experienced mountaineers and beginners alike. Fjällräven Classic 2019 is held from August 9-16 2019.

Offer from Camp Ripan during Fjällräven Classic
Breakfast buffet 125 SEK/person
Dinner 285 SEK/person.
Tent 225 SEK/tent, max 4 people in the tent.

Book your accommodations and activity by calling +46 (0)980-63000 or via email,
More information about Fjällräven Classic here.

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    Tent at Camp Ripan