City tour – Kiruna a city on the move

The city of Kiruna is transforming in many ways when the big iron ore mine is going deeper. The  oldest parts of town will disappear and historic buildings will have to move. Environments and  houses will be moved or torn down. People and businesses are being effected.

 Our guided tour will start at Kiruna tourist office. We will guide you through our existing city  center, visit Kiruna church and Kristallen. our new City hall and Artmuseum in North. The tour continues towards Luossavaara to get a view over the city and the mountains, where we also tell about the plans for the Luossavaara area and shows the historical buildings that has been moved. During the tour we will give you an insight in the ongoing city transformation. We visit the north east area of Kiruna, that will become the new center of Kiruna and drive through the company area and the mine city park in the old part of Kiruna.

  • kyrkan vinter

    Photo: Fredrik Broman

  • Photo: Fredrik Broman