Christmas & New Year

Christmas Celebration at Camp Ripan

Our traditional Swedish Christmas smorgasbord is served on Christmas Eve, December 24th (for accommodation guests only).


Christmas Heist – An alternative Christmas celebration

Traditional dishes are easy to deploy, but this season we wish to serve something special to enjoy.
A wonderfully composed menu with no compromises, we look forward to serving exciting tastes and spices!
The environment is something we take to our heart, and that we are Eco-certified is particularly smart.
We strive for the best in ethics and that healthy environments abound, and reducing food waste during holidays is naturally sound.


An alternative Christmas Celebration – Menu

Welcome to an alternativ Chrismas celebration
at Camp Ripan, book a table:+46(0)980-63000

To reduce food waste, we have chosen to only serve a traditional Christmas
buffet on Christmas Eve, for accommodation guests only.




Christmas lunch 4-5th of December, more information here!


New Year’s Celebration at Camp Ripan

Welcome to round off the old year with a New Year’s supper. During New Year’s Eve, Camp Ripan invites you to a 4-course New Year’s supper. At the stroke of midnight we will go outside and toast with champagne around the fire. Hopefully the captivating northern lights will dance in the sky above us.


New Year’s supper – Menu

Celebrate New Years Eve at Camp Ripan,
book a table:, +46(0)980- 630 00.
New Years supper is served for accommodation guests only.

No fireworks! We will not celebrate with fireworks on New Years´s Eve,
because of the negative impact they have on the environment, wild animals and nature.
Hopefully the northern light will light up the sky!