If you’re visiting Kiruna and want an easy and accessible way to experience one of the nearby mountainous region’s natural wonders, Silverfallet is an excellent choice. Park your car along the E10 just above Silverfallet, between Abisko and Björkliden, and then head down to Lake Torneträsk to see the roaring waters of Silverfallet in all their glory.

From the parking area, it’s just a short walk down to Silverfallet. This accessible hike allows visitors of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy the spectacular views and the soothing sounds of rushing water. The trail is very short but quite steep, following a forest path with stones and roots.


Consider bringing a thermos of coffee and some light snacks to enhance your experience at the waterfall. Dress in layers; the weather in Abisko can change quickly, even during the summer

Duration | A short excursion with a total of about 30 minutes of walking up and down

Difficulty | Very easy

Preparation | Comfortable shoes and a camera to capture the beautiful scenery