Kiruna Snow Festival

Due to the current situation concerning Covid-19, we will not be able to host a Kiruna Snow Festival like previous years. The safety of our visitors will always be our main focus. This is of course very sad. The snow festival is not only an obvious highlight during the winter for the people of Kiruna but also a much-appreciated event that helps draw people from all over the world to our small town. But unfortunately, the Snow Festival cannot be carried out in a way that we believe is a consequence of covid-19.

If nothing unforeseen should happen Kiruna’s International Snow Sculpture Competition 2021 will still take place and Kiruna will be decorated with fantastic snow art from some of the worlds most talented snow artist. But due to safety reasons (and the current regulations in Sweden in regard to Covid-19) we will not have any other public activities during the 2021 edition of the festival.

We hope you understand this. Remember to wash your hands, stay safe and take care of each other. Kiruna Snow Festival will return in full force come January 2022.



When the light returns and the cold is biting at your skin the people of Kiruna celebrate the snow and the winter with the Kiruna Snow Festival. This winter festival has been held during the last weekend of January in the middle of the Kiruna city center since 1986. And, as always, the festival is full of activities for all ages. 

Kiruna Snow Festival might possibly be Europe’s most cozy snow festival. Held beneath the glittering northern lights, 140 kilometers above the Arctic Circle. During the Snow festival you will be able to take part in the rich culture Kiruna has to offer. With everything from snow-sculptures, painting exhibitions, dog sledding, figure skating, live music performances and a kid’s playground designed by snow. 

But the main event of the festival is undoubtedly the Kiruna International Snow Sculpture Competition. A world class competition which attracts the best artist from all over the world. The competition has held an international status as a snow sculpture competition since 1991 and every year artist from all over the world visit the festival to take part in the competition. Kiruna Snow Festival is also the home of the Snow Blower World Championships. A serious winter sport or just a kind of small-town competition — either way, it is a delightful pastime for both competitors and spectators! 

Since 2014, the race has been one of the highlights of the festival and always draws a large crowd of spectators. Though the championship is mainly held for the sake of common fun, some contestants take it very seriously and do their absolute best to win. The idea of the sport is for the competitors to get through a 20-meter long snow heap that is roughly 40 centimeters high. The racer that first gets through the snow wins the race and is declared the world champion.  Make sure not to miss this, truly unique and fun, Kiruna experience that is Kiruna Snow Festival. Make sure to wrap up though as temperatures vary from -10 to -25 degrees! The Snow festival is organized annually in central Kiruna by the local music organization Tusen Toner. 


For more information about the festival please visit:

  • Isskulptur
  • Hundspann
  • Järnvägsparken