Forest and mountain tour with snowmobile

Up here in northern Sweden, the snowmobile is the most common form of transport out in our beautiful winter landscape. We will start at Camp Ripan by getting the warm clothes on and drive out into the low mountain areas close by, over frozen lakes and in to the wild forest land. The landscape is covered in deep, white snow, and you have the opportunity to enjoy the ride and the fabulous winter scenery. Our journey takes us up the mountain Ednavaara, beautifully situated about one hour from Camp Ripan. Once there, we enjoy the fantastic view, and share our new experience, having travel through Europe’s last wilderness. During our tour we will take a break out in the wild and enjoy a light snack from the Lapland kitchen.

Then the time will come to start our snowmobiles again and follow the road that takes us down to the wetlands where we will look for the moose.

For those of you who want to know more about how it works and the rules that apply for driving a snowmobile, read this.

  • Snöskoter 1

    Photo: Maths Johansson

  • skoter fjäll

    Photo: Ylva Sarri

  • skoter fjäll skog

    Photo: Ylva Sarri